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One of the World’s Largest Global Account for this Fortune 500 – Global IT Consultancy, Systems Integrator and Outsourcer:

The client wanted a significant improvement in performance of their largest global account, employing some 2,000 staff.

They asked Clarity Associates to help develop their new sales Target Operating Model (TOM), and then identify and design the skills and behaviours required for growth and assess their capability and potential against these new behaviours.

As part of the solution Clarity Associates:

  • Designed a capability framework for all of the different sales functions within the sales team, which included defining future skills and behaviours, to support the team for recruitment, career development and training purposes.
  • Undertook a comprehensive assessment of every individual against their new capability framework, for the entire sales team involving:
  1. Capability interviews.
  2. Role play assessment and team-based gaming activities.
  3. Assessment of presentation and value proposition production capability.
  4. On-line psychometric and cognitive ability tests.

Clarity Associates then produced a leadership and sales team development programme including:

  • Training and learning workshops for the entire team.
  • 1:1 executive and performance coaching of the sales team leadership.

As a consequence of this assessment programme the client:

  • Gained a deep understanding of the specific actions required to improve the sales team’s performance and motivation.
  • Had data that pinpointed the key development areas the team needed, to achieve the highest uplift in performance.
  • Obtained predictive insights for the future success factors and business imperatives for the team going forward.
  • Had a structured set of competencies to support the leadership team in recruiting, developing, and promoting its salespeople.