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Clarity Accelerate

High Performance Team Coaching for Leadership Teams

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” Patrick Lencioni, 2002.

“Only one in five teams are considered to be high performing”. Research undertaken across 120 teams by Wageman, Nunes, Burruss and Hackman 2008.

We believe that the learning and development industry is not fit for purpose when it comes to developing the capability of leadership teams as a team . 

There is no single training programme on the market that can help them deal with the demands placed upon them:

  • To improve performance, deliver results and achieve goals.
  • To meet the needs of their investors, The Board, suppliers, cross functional teams, business partners, industry bodies and other key stakeholders.
  • To meet the needs of their customers.
  • To remain competitive.
  • To meet the needs of their employees.
  • To continuously learn and adapt to change and build resilience.

On the back of extensive research and development by leading team coaching and team performance experts, we have developed an ICF accredited team coaching programme, that helps leadership teams deal with the demands outlined above and supports them at an individual, team, organisational and wider eco-system level in which the team sits.

Our team coaching programme – Clarity Accelerate, measurably improves the performance of leadership teams, to create value for their stakeholders and profitable growth for their businesses.

Clarity Accelerate, is based upon five key disciplines that research (Peter Hawkins 2012-2018) has shown teams need to master, in order to be high performing.

  1. Commissioning – Stakeholder Expectations: Ensuring the leadership team identifies the right stakeholders (such as investors, the Board, customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, industry bodies etc) who they are accountable to and agree key deliverables with them.
  2. Clarifying – Team Tasks: Clarifying the leadership teams purpose – including vision; mission; goals; values; team roles and working agreements; Team Charter and a Strategic Plan
  3. Co-creating – Team Relationships: Building strong relationships within the leadership team and avoiding siloed behaviour/thinking; enhancing its collective IQ/EQ; helping it collaborate effectively as a team and get the best out of team members to optimise its creative thinking capacities and abilities to problem solve and make good decisions; and ensuring the team effectively executes on its strategic plan.
  4. Connecting – Stakeholder Relationships: Ensuring that the team adds value for all its stakeholder groups and meets their needs and manages expectations and communications in an effective way to improve company performance.
  5. Core Learning: Make sure the new team bakes learning into its “rhythm of business”, so that it can understand and act upon opportunities and threats; anticipate events and become proactive and build resilience into the business.

Clarity Accelerate helps leadership teams succeed by enhancing their ability to:

  • Collectively perform and achieve results.
  • Grow profitable revenues. 
  • Be highly competitive in the market place.
  • Add financial value to the business.
  • Meet stakeholder needs - such as customers, employees, investors, cross functional teams, and divisions, the Board, business partners, suppliers, and other related communities. 
  • Collaborate, problem solve, think creatively, make decisions, and execute successfully.
  • Drive organisational change.
  • Build resilience and adaptability into their culture. 

UK Leadership Team of Fortune 100

Global Military Aircraft Manufacturer and Leadership Team of Royal Airforce Programme

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