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Clarity Associates are experts in profiling leaders against globally recognised standards of leadership excellence. Our comprehensive leader talent profiling provides a holistic view of leadership capability and impact.

The outputs for the reports we produce for the leaders we assess covers:

Comprehensive Leader Profile

  • Personality Preferences – Multi-dimension personality assessment to assess personal behavioral preferences – how an individual likes to work and how they see themselves in the way they relate to others, their approach to problems, and how they deal with feelings and emotions.
  • Leadership Risks – Derailers that get in the way of leaders’ success. Leadership risk analsysis goes beyond the individual focus of risk and looks at the potential impact on an organisation and culture.
  • Experience & Learning – Profiling an individuals career history, formative working experiences and capacity to learn, develop and grow.  
  • 360 Feedback – Multi-source feedback from an individual’s colleagues to profile an individual’s impact on others through structured interviews for real-time organisational context and impact on colleagues.
  • Executive Critical Reasoning – Measuring an executive’s critical reasoning through verbal, numercial and abstract tests. 
  • Motivations  – Dimensions of individuals motivation and comprehensive profile of the motivational factors that affect work performance.

A Felixible Range of Assessment Approaches Such As:

  • Best in class online assessment of each leader (benchmarked against global talent data sets) – either internationally or regionally.
  • Structured 2.5 hour individual interview with each leader - with highly experienced Senior Consultants: 
  • 60 min 1:1 interviews with colleagues of each leader - conducted by our Consultants. 
  • Highly accurate predictor of workplace performance and potential.
  • Detailed individual analysis and report.
  • Sponsor feedback review (2 hours) - conducted by our Consultants.
  • Individual leader feedback and coaching session (2 hours/pp) - conducted by our Consutlants.

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