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UK Leadership Team of Fortune 100

Global Military Aircraft Manufacturer and Leadership Team of Royal Airforce Programme:  

Clarity Associates was invited to coach this military aircraft manufacturer’s UK leadership team, including the CEO and a blended Royal Airforce (RAF) team, to help the aircraft manufacturer and RAF successfully deliver a struggling multi-billion-pound aviation programme, of some 500+ personnel from both organisations, who were working from a UK RAF base.

The objective of the programme was to enhance the engineering and maintenance function that supported a squadron of 22 military aircraft, flying missions out of the UK to global destinations.

Clarity Associates initially undertook a structured assessment of the joint leadership team of the aircraft manufacturer and RAF, incorporating an on-line survey, and one – to – one interviews with team members and their key client, a number of senior leaders within the RAF. 

A 12 month leadership team coaching programme was developed, that involved the monthly coaching of the 11 leadership team members together as a team – including the UK CEO; and the monthly one-to-one coaching of the 11 individual leadership team members – which included the UK CEO and a blended team from the aircraft manufacturer and RAF senior programme leadership; as well as the monthly involvement of senior RAF client stakeholders, who the blended team were accountable to.

A critical part of the coaching work involved:

  • The development of multiple workstreams, to help the team lead the complex organisational change programme required to transform their ways of working, and shape of the existing engineering and support organisation on the RAF base.
  • The execution of these workstreams to deliver the changes required to increase the effectiveness of the engineering and maintenance teams.
  • A stakeholder management strategy to agree and then manage on-going, the expectations of the team’s key stakeholders, including the RAF and Ministry of Defence (the client), sub-contractors, senior global leadership within the aircraft manufacturer and the joint team’s 500+ plus staff.
  • Improving the team’s collaboration and working relationships, which increased the team’s collective ability to problem solve, make decisions and think in more agile and creative ways.
By the end of the coaching programme, the performance of the engineering and maintenance teams and effectiveness of the RAF Squadron improved significantly, to the extent that the operational airworthiness of the aircraft these teams were supporting, had improved by 90%.


This improvement was recognised and acknowledged by the aircraft manufacturer and the RAF.