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Global Chief Technology Officer

Leading Data, Insights and Analytics Company

"Jonathan was my coach for 16 months and throughout this time helped greatly in terms of my professional growth and indirectly in supporting my team's professional growth. 

Jonathan and I initially worked through a stakeholder centred coaching approach, in which I identified stakeholders to provide feedback to isolate specific areas of focus that I could concentrate on improving. It was important to me to be able to measure the improvement that I was being asked to focus on and the continued monthly stakeholder review sessions allowed me to create actionable improvements that could then be measured. I valued this greatly, as it allowed me to validate improvements that I was being asked to make. The monthly stakeholder sessions allowed for 'course correction' moments, when needed, and more importantly provided positive reinforcement of the changes delivered.

Working with Jonathan transformed my approach to stakeholder management, and how I shaped my team and teamwork processes, ensuring that my team was empowered and accountable for delivering the actions that we committed to. This allowed us to maintain our focus on continuous improvement, as we delivered value to our customers, stakeholders and most importantly our business. 

I really enjoyed our conversations about what great management looked like, being challenged by the reading that I focused on through the sessions and driving change through the ongoing action plan that was validated monthly by my stakeholders.

Through the course of my time working with Jonathan, my team changed significantly as my company was acquired by another. The merging of two teams, and a wider technology community was greatly supported through the learnings and ongoing conversations that I had with Jonathan. My organisation almost doubled in size, and we were able to quickly adapt, creating a new team charter focused on driving continuous and improved value to our stakeholders. 

Thanks very much to Jonathan, for challenging me to change the way I focus on management and through the process, giving me the time to treat management as a discipline."