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Chief Operating Officer

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“Jonathan coached me in the areas of my Communication and Delegation/Empowerment skills over a 14-month period. I was somewhat hesitant to find out what some of my peers and other employees really thought about me as part of the initial coaching sessions – and as it turns out, quite rightly so!  However, it quickly became apparent that Jonathan was able to break down the feedback into logical smaller observations that we could then explore in more detail and identify some corrective actions for some of the poorer leadership traits I had slipped into.  You have to embrace the process and have an open mind to some of the feedback that you receive as part of it, but I have to say overall, I found the coaching very rewarding. Jonathan was able to pull on his extensive experience and relate my personal challenges to other leaders in different organisations he has worked with and you come away from each session feeling that you have moved forward with your leadership development goals and gained new insights. Jonathan has the knack of asking a question of you that you do not have an immediate answer to. These can at times be intensive sessions, designed to get you thinking about how you behave and view the world. The process is structured and well thought out, and it is brought to life by Jonathan as the coach. I can safely say that I left the coaching programme a better leader than when I started it”